I'm new to multidimensional modeling. Can you give me a basic orientation to the core concepts?

Certainly. It all starts with the question: What is a fact?

Why should I be seeking assistance with my business intelligence project?

A very high number of business intelligence projects fail. The Gartner Group famously predicted a 50% failure rate for business intelligence projects in 2003. According to a recent study conducted by Sybase and the United Kingdom's National Computing Centre, 5 out of 6 BI projects fail to meet all original objectives.

In our experience, the number one predictor of project success or failure is the quality of the multidimensional data model developed for the project. This critical aspect of the project directly influences the behavior of the business intelligence tool you have selected. In essence, a poor model results in a "garbage in, garbage out" scenario that cripples the ability of your developers to quickly create new reports featuring accurate information.

You may have an insufficient data model if you are suffering one or more of the following symptoms:

  • project has missed major implementation milestones
  • project is over budget
  • business intelligence tool is acting unpredictably, producing incorrect results or errors
  • developing a new report takes excessive time and effort
  • changes made to accommodate new reports result in unexpected changes to the output of old reports
  • reports take too long to execute
  • users cannot develop ad hoc reports without the assistance of IT
  • users from different business areas have disagreements over the meaning of report metrics

Why should I choose Fact Technologies™?

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How are Fact Technologies consultants different from those of a typical consulting firm?

Each member of our consulting pool has been carefully screened with extensive written and oral examinations designed to verify a thorough comprehension of both theoretical and practical issues. Particular emphasis is placed on a deep understanding of multidimensional modeling, and on the impact of modeling choices on the behavior of leading business intelligence tools.

Fewer than 25% of candidates are selected for our screening process based on their experience and achievements. Of those selected, fewer than one-sixth score at a level high enough to qualify for lead positions. Simply put, our consultants are among the best the industry has to offer.

Who are your clients?

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